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Authentic and original product by The Flavor Apprentice with no rebottling & original TFA label – imported from the USA
With DIY e-liquid flavours, you never have to vape a bad flavour again. By adding a few drops to your propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and/or nicotine mixture, you can flavour your e-liquid to your taste, whether you prefer a slight, subtle undertone, a powerful, tasty twist or anything in between. Make your own pre-made mixtures and eliminate any flavours from your favourite recipes that you don’t like, and enhance the ones that you love.
TFA Flavours are highly concentrated and affordably priced so you can continue to make dozens of new, high-quality e-liquids.
Presented in original TFA 15ml glass bottles
Use in icings, cakes, biscuits, drinks such as Diet Colas, Fitness Shakes, Coffees and Martinis or create your own liquids.


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